About us

Costa Libre S.A. is an organization formed by professionals which aims at providing a comprehensive Foreign Trade service in accordance with international trade demands.

Our History

We acknowledge and exercise our responsibility, both ethically and professionally, by constantly innovating and adapting our services.The company Costa Libre S.A. was founded in 1996; in the beginning, it provided professional services to colleagues. Since 2001, the business strategy changed and we started offering a wider and more diverse range of services. Nowadays, we plan to extend our business throughout the country and, in a second phase, to reach unconventional markets, such as Africa. In order to do this, we analyze business potential, integrating partners and human resources with broad experience in the different sectors where we are positioning our company. Our job implies a close collaboration with the different players involved in international trade activities. This requires coordination and cooperation during the different stages in order to achieve the projected goals.Our structure is versatile and allows us to adapt our tasks to meet our clients' needs. Moreover, the growing demand of international interaction together with the legislative dynamics of customs, sanitary, exchange, tax and security regulations, require a solution to the scenarios which may arise in foreign trade transactions.Throughout these years, we have built a relationship with our clients based on mutual trust and respect. Thus, we feel confident when it comes to providing high-quality services that are reflected in the success of your international operations.


Our staff consists of professionals with broad experience in International Trade who is being constantly trained in order to meet our clients' requirements.